Good news for anyone that is currently needing financial help through the pandemic and still haven’t received their unemployment benefits. reports Governor Whitmer signed an Executive Order Wednesday that will help people get their unemployment benefits easier and quicker during the pandemic.

Usually, officials in the unemployment office have to look at your last couple of jobs, but with the new Executive Order, they now only have to look at your last job in order to determine your “benefit entitlement”, which will make things go a lot faster in the way the unemployment payout works.

Also within the Executive Order, it extends the previous Executive Order 2020-57 which allows unemployment benefits to workers who are sick, immunocompromised, or quarantined, who don’t have family or medical time that's paid, or if they get laid off because they had to take the time off. It also allows workers who left a job voluntarily but couldn’t start their new job because of the pandemic to file for benefits.

The Executive Order also continues the extension of the allowance of unemployment benefits to 26 weeks, according to

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