Euphoria actresses Sophia Rose Wilson and Ziayla Pizarro have been accused of posting or sharing racist content on social media.

Wilson plays Barbara "BB" Brooks, a.k.a Vape Girl, on the hit HBO show. Though high school student BB was only a minor character during Season 1, she quickly became a fan favorite character and can often be seen in memes from the show.

Four Facebook posts that Wilson allegedly wrote in 2016 recently resurfaced online and now the actress is in the hot seat. In three of the alleged posts, she uses the N-word repeatedly. She also appears to use the R-word.

In another, she celebrates former president Trump's Ohio victory, writing, "Trump just won Ohio!"

In a TikTok video that has been viewed more than 2.6 million times, user @zioraaaa shared screenshots of Wilson's alleged posts.

The screenshots have also circulated on Twitter. See them below:

The alleged posts reportedly first surfaced when Season 1 aired in 2019, but did not garner as much attention as they have now. Around the same time, an unconfirmed alleged racist Tumblr post from fellow Euphoria star Barbie Ferreira, who plays Kat on the show, circulated online and received more attention from fans.

In addition to Wilson's racist controversy, new cast member Ziayla Pizarro, who plays character Elliot's (Dominic Fike) cousin on the teen drama series, has been slammed for using both the N-word and R-word in an Instagram Live, as well as in various old alleged tweets, some of which you can see below.

@_ZIAYLA via Twitter
@_ZIAYLA via Twitter

Pizarro used the N-word multiple times during a recent Instagram Live stream. During the stream, she clarified that she is not Black, but that "half her family is Black." Pizarro said she is of German and Puerto Rican descent.

"Race should not be in your vocabulary if you're a real-ass person ... Get this f---ing race sh-- out [of] your head," she told viewers during the stream.

On Jan. 19, Pizarro addressed backlash to the livestream and resurfaced tweets on Twitter.

"I AM NOT A RACIST PLEASE STFU!" Pizarro tweeted, before turning comments off on the post.

For her part, Wilson has seemingly not addressed the backlash. However, some viewers have taken to the actress's Instagram comments to make their voice on the matter heard.

One user simply commented, "wanna be black," alongside a clown face emoji.

Whether on screen or off, part of the plot or simply IRL, Euphoria and controversy seem to go hand in hand.

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