This is good news since most of the disinfectants flew off of the shelves a few months ago. Do you remember in March when the coronavirus lockdown started? I know March seems like about 20 years ago, but there were tons of people that went out and bought tons of disinfectant causing a demand for more. I know I was looking for any disinfectant and household cleaner for a good two weeks before I found some.

Then after the crazy buying there was talk about disinfectants that didn't work to kill the virus.  So which disinfectants will protect your house and household surfaces against coronavirus? It appears like a few, as the Environmental Protection Agency have approved a few disinfectants to clean and protect from the virus.

According to WILX, there are now two Lysol products "federally approved as effective against coronavirus". What does "effective against coronavirus" mean? It means that both of these products were testing in a lab, and when the disinfectants were used on hard surfaces both products kill the virus two minutes after contact. The two products are Lysol Disinfectant spray and Lysol Disinfectant Max Cover Mist. In addition, just use them to clean and not to inject yourself, more on it here.

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