Encanto star Stephanie Beatriz went into labor — and didn't even tell anyone! — while recording the pinnacle song for the film.

In an interview with Variety, Beatriz revealed she began having contractions while recording the song, “Waiting on a Miracle." She didn't even tell anyone she was in labor at the time.

“I didn’t want to tell anybody at Disney because I didn’t want anyone to freak out,” Beatriz explained. “I was already having some contractions when we were scheduled to record that day. I was like, ‘Well, fingers crossed I finish the song before [the baby] comes!’”

Listen to "Waiting On a Miracle" From Encanto:

The lyrics are actually quite fitting for a first-time mother: "I am ready, come on, I'm ready /  I've been patient, and steadfast, and steady / Bless me now as you blessed us all those years ago / When you gave us a miracle," Mirabel sings during the song.

Beatriz ended up welcoming her baby to the world the very next day, on April 22, 2021.

“BÉBÉ HAS ARRIVED in style," she wrote in an Instagram post. "Her name is Rosaline: pronounced Roz-uh-line. I’m very very in awe of the entire experience of having a kiddo. it is INCREDIBLE and HARD AF and BEAUTIFUL and EMOTIONAL, and I can’t remember ever being this amazed and feeling so overwhelmingly full of gratitude. Roz, you are so cool.”

Byron Howard, the director of Encanto, was shocked to discover the actress was actively in labor during the time of the recording session.

“We knew [Beatriz] was very, very, very, very ready to have that baby. But she did not tell us she was almost, almost ready,” he said.

Songwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda joked that she was truly "waiting on a miracle" while "waiting for her personal miracle.”

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