Not gonna lie, I love Kamikaze. Em's latest album is fire to me and personally, I like the fact that the angry Shady is back. He's calling folks out and it's a return to form. Folks have been asking for the old Eminem for a while now. And he's got plenty to vent about. Critical reception about Revival, folks telling him to hang it up, and even the state of the world of hip hop. He's taken on mumble rappers, the haters, and a guy who said something about his daughter a while back. That guy would be one Machine Gun Kelly.

The feud got going earlier this month, when Eminem called out MGK on the track “Not Alike” off his surprise album, “Kamikaze,” criticizing him for saying Eminem’s daughter was “hot as f–k” in a 2012 tweet. (Page Six)

Then MGK responded with his song "Rap Devil".

About a week later or so, Em responds back with "Killshot"

(Videos courtesy of EminemMusic & WORLDSTARHIPHOP via YouTube)

However, some fans aren't buying in. Several sources have pointed out a couple of things that both these artists have in common. And the optics aren't good. Take a look.
  • Both artists are signed to the same label. Interscope Records.
  • The songs, “Not Alike” and “Rap Devil” both feature production work by Ronnie J.
  • Ronnie J also has a writing credit on Kelly’s “Rap Devil.”
  • There’s also the fact that the feud has conveniently managed to drum up publicity for the two in the wake of the “Kamikaze” release and in the lead-up to Kelly’s new EP “Binge,” dropping on Sept. 21. (Page Six)
Too many coincidences. And if it turns out in any way that this is a "work", there is no real "beef", and all this is being done to just sell records, the credibility of both artists could be extremely tarnished.
Em speaks on it here.

(Video: Tex via YouTube)

Also...there's this. I did the research. It does all work out. And if Em did it on purpose, he's completely on another level.
is actually a movie in which the main character Carmen Colson is targeted by an experienced, psychopathic hitman. Birth name is Colson Baker Let that sink in is fuckin insane
(Credit: Ess kay @demicornx via Twitter)


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