Logic has been all over the place lately. On Friday (April 6), legendary singer Elton John put out the compilation Revamp: The Songs of Elton John & Bernie Taupin, and the intro track is an updated version of the classic song "Bennie and the Jets" featuring the Maryland MC and P!nk.

The revamped version, produced by Wes Period, Daniel Crean and Justin Tranter, has a hip-hop bounce to it that Elton’s 1973 classic from Goodbye Yellow Brick Road did not, plus a bit more swag. "She's got electric boots/A mohair suit/You know I read it in a magazine (yeah)/B-B-B-Bennie and the Jets," P!nk and Lo rhyme on the chorus.

Logic attacks the track with vigor. "Let me get it now, Momma I made it/True story, I have upgraded/Everybody back then used to hate it/Now they all appreciate it," he raps. "I might sound out of my mind, matter of fact out of line/But I been runnin' and gunnin', gettin' it for myself in due time/I'm finna take it to the line, I'm in the beginning of the prime/Tony Montana the world's mine."

The album also features a Q-Tip cover of the track "Don't Go Breaking My Heart."

In other Logic-related news, he recently made headlines for proving he is a fan of a fan. Earlier this week, he had an impromptu meet and greet with fans on a plane. A couple days later, he offered to pay for a fan to come see one of his shows.

Listen to Logic and P!nk's revamp of the Elton John classic "Bennie and the Jets" below.

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