Do you have a favorite brewery? Do you know the origin of it's story? Indianapolis that started in East Lansing.

Ellison Brewing is a popular spot, especially during basketball season because of its location. It's located a few block from Indianapolis' major stadiums, Lucas Oil Field, Victory Field and Bush Stadium. The owner of Ellison Brewing, Aaron Hanson, says they've been pretty busy over the last couple of months because of their laid back atmosphere.

One of the things that makes the Indianapolis location different from the one in East Lansing is their full kitchen. Hanson told MLive, that their chef Armando Sola serves some of the best food in Indy. The not only are they popular for their Philly style cheese steaks, but their wing sauces are made from scratch.

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It’s some of the best food in Indianapolis. Everything we are doing is basically custom to us.

East Lansing's Ellison Brewing opened in 2015. Not only do they brew their own beer, but they also built everything in the brewery themselves. They're located at 4903 Dawn Avenue and open Wednesday through Sunday. Ellison is tucked away, so if it looks like you're not in the correct spot, keep going until you spot their grain silos.

They've got several different beers you can try. My favorite is their Amber Ale and Tiramisu Stout! If you're not the biggest fan of beer, they have spirits too! If you need pick me up on Sunday, give their Bloody Mary a try. Trust me, you won't regret it.

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