How can you live in Michigan and not get enjoyment out of our state's classic old one-room schoolhouses?

Whenever I'm driving around and come across one of these great old historic schoolhouses, it kinda makes me wish we had some that were actually operating. The one-rooms of the 1800's and earlier had students that varied widely in age; but time has separated the children into age groups and grades.

To get an actual feel of what it was like to be a student in one of those old schools, I suggest you watch some old "Little Rascals" films, preferably the ones from 1929 - 1933, as one-room schools were part of that series main storylines.

Take a gander below at five old one-room schoolhouses that still stand in Eaton County, some used as a business, others as a residence.

If there are others still standing in Eaton, let me know so I can add them at a future date!


Old One-Room Schoolhouses & High Schools

Michigan's One-Room Schoolteachers

The Wooden One-Room Schoolhouse

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