There are a few houses in Charlotte that are said to have some sort of paranormal activity, whether reported by owners or renters.

There are other buildings supposedly haunted as well...the most well-known is possibly the old Eaton Theatre.

The Eaton opened on January 7, 1931, with one screen and 750 seats. The first film the Eaton presented was "Whoopee" starring Eddie Cantor.
In 1986 - after some modernizing - it became a two-screener.

As far as a haunting, the story goes the theater was named after Rick Eaton; he and his wife both died within the theater. Evidently, Rick was on the balcony doing some painting when he slipped and fell to his death. The tale also says that Mrs. Eaton ended up shooting herself underneath the balcony. To this day, anyone who ventures to the bottom of the theater will feel a "coldness breeze" that is said to be the spirit of Rick Easton, still clinging to this world.

The Eaton Theatre no doubt is an historic structure and anyone who respects & appreciate our history - and yes, ghost hunters as well - should pay a visit sometime. Go see a movie or maybe even ask the theater manager for a tour. The address is 235 S. Cochran Avenue, Charlotte.

Let me know if you feel an eerie coldness when you visit the bottom...
...or directly underneath the balcony.

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