The County Fairs are back! And if you want to celebrate the July 4th Holiday more you can at the Eaton County Fair starting this weekend. The Eaton County Fair is located in Charlotte at 1025 S. Cochran Ave

During the Eaton County Fair there will be a carnival with rides and games, as well as live music, and the other Grandstand events. Some of the Grandstand events are the Rodeo which happens on July 7th at 7pm, but there is also going to be Motorcross on the 8th, a Demolition Derby on the 9th, Truck and Tractor pull on the 11th, and so much more. There are also other events happening today July 5th and all this weekend like Harness Racing on July 5th and 6th, plus a dog show, and lots of other events which you can see here. 

One of the biggest things to see and have fun with at the Fair is ofcourse the carnival which opens on Monday July 8th, the hours they open are (and the carnival is open till the Fair closes for the night); Monday opens at 4pm, Tuesday opens at 2pm, Wednesday opens at 3pm, Thursday they have a Toddlers Day from noon to 2pm then the carnival is open for everyone after 2pm, Friday open at 3pm, and Saturday the carnival is open from Noon till the Fair ends.

To get tickets you can see them here. Plus you might want to check their website about other events as they may also be more money too.


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