East Lansing and its Community leaders are going to be discussing changes and funding for two different things; building new schools and marijuana ordinances.

The East Lansing Planning Commission is holding a session Wednesday night concerning marijuana businesses in the city. They are going to be talking about amendments that would regulate it in the city, as well as zone land for growing as well as places to sell and process marijuana. To check out more about it its here.

Plus, East Lansing is also pushing to rebuild all of the elementary schools in the city, which would cost upwards of $93 million. This would raise property taxes on some homes in the city to help pay for it, but the board is pushing to sell bonds that would fund it. Overall the process of rebuilding would take 4-5 years and the board is meeting on 2/6 to discuss and potentially put it to a vote.  To check out more about it WLNS has it here. 

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