East Lansing made the Top 20 of Best College Towns and Cities, but another college town was #1 and it might not make you happy to see which town made #1.

Without anymore stalling according to WalletHub, the #1 College Town/City is Ann Arbor. WalletHub compared more than 400 U.S. cities of varying sizes based on 28 key issues such as; academic, social and economic opportunities for students, cost of living to quality of higher education to crime rate.

East Lansing was ranked 12th overall (out of over 400), but East Lansing did better than Ann Arbor in Wallet Friendliness, which is good espacially for students living off campus. But East Lansing still needs help in one of the three big indicators, Academic & Economic Opportunities. You can check out the full list here as well as breakdowns of certain issues.

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