The City of East Lansing is offering something for anyone visiting and that is Free Parking! So when you visit East Lansing for food or to hang out just know that not everywhere is free but a lot places are going to have free parking. Also another note, East Lansing will be offering free, half-hour parking in all gated garages and surface lots throughout July.

So the locations and lots that are honoring Free Parking are: Grove Street Garage (330 Grove St.) M.A.C. Garage (310 M.A.C. Ave.) Charles Street Garage (121 Charles St.) Division Street Garage (181 Division St.) Bailey Lot (139 Bailey St.)

The reason for the free parking is to help businesses during the summer as well as helping people wanting to visit downtown East Lansing to find parking during construction. By the way there are three construction projects going on in East Lansing on Grand River so this should help you find a spot and make your trip to East Lansing a little easier. More on it here.


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