If you follow the retail plan, you will have you house decked out for Christmas before Halloween even gets here. If you are an earlier decorator, good on you. People tend to get good vibes over the holiday season. If your decor helps bring some joy to the mitten, no one should get mad at that. So when is the right time to throw up those lights, inflate that Santa, and hang those wreathes?

Some people are die hard November 1st decorators. Other people hold off until Thanksgiving weekend. My friend is a hunter. He gets the weekend to spend in the blind and then the next weekend he spends it on a ladder. Walk into Meijer or any retail store after Halloween and you'll hear Christmas music. There are those that bust out the decorations as soon as WFMK starts playing holiday music. Hearing it on the radio is the trigger for some.

Melburnians Celebrate Christmas With Pandemic Themed Light Displays
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In Michigan we never know what the weather will be. Sometimes it is 60 on Christmas and we get a snowfall mid-October. There is something to be said for putting up the lights while it is warm, however, and uninflated Santa on the lawn is not a great look. The majority of Michiganders put up the tree and lights on Thanksgiving weekend. That is when we always did it. Let me be clear, we were rarely right about anything.

I think you just do it when it feels right. The world is negative so a little holiday cheer isn't the wrong play. Skipping through Thanksgiving to shops is. That is a conversation for another day. Tis not the season to be greedy. Most of us can agree, driving around the capitol city full of lights is nice to look at. So go ahead. Put those lights up when you are ready. Just make sure they come down before May!


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