The saying goes desperate times call for desperate measures. And we have a desperate need.

The coronavirus is impacting our world in a way no one could've ever imagined. We know the problem. And we're engaging in the solution. Staying home. Social distancing. Hand washing. But we are short on supplies. One of those would be N95 face masks.

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Enter MacDonald Middle School in East Lansing. They have 3-D printers. And now they have put those printers to work making the life saving face masks that health care professionals so desperately need.

wilx news 10
wilx news 10

The district's 13 3D printers will be running 24 hours a day to make the masks, which takes four to six hours to make.

The masks will be donated to Sparrow Hospital.



The district plans on making masks until the need is over..

If you have a 3D printer and would like to make a mask, contract Rabideau.

You can also donate to help cover the cost of the materials here. (WILX)

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