Is it the crazy housing market or is it the Dwight Schrute themed bathroom?

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We may never know... how very Dwight Schrute of us to tell you that this bathroom exists in a home you can never own.

Well, technically, it's listed as "sale pending"... so *maybe* there's a chance? Unless the new very lucky owners remodel the bathroom. For the love of Bears, Beets, and Battle Star Galactica, let's hope not!

A Howell, Mich. home with a bathroom dedicated to Rainn Wilson's beloved character from The Office did not last long on the market at all. I first saw the home listed on Zillow on April 9, and as of April 11, it sounds like the sale is pretty much a done deal.

Thank goodness our friends at WCRZ nabbed multiple photos of the residence (which you can check out in the gallery below) before the pending sale, as now the listing only shows a photo of the outside...

Which honestly, is a lovely outside. The whole house is lovely, actually. Aside from the AMAZING bathroom, the 2,509 sq. foot home boasts:

Extensive wood flooring, updated kitchen with stainless appliances and tile backsplash, built-in breakfast bar, flex front room for office or guest room, bright sun room/office and comfortable floor plan. Exterior features: Large deck, huge firepit/gathering area, private walking trails, tranquil pond, 2 sheds and mature trees.

While the listing mentions 3 bathrooms, it does NOT specifically mention that one of them is dedicated to everyone's favorite beet farmer and assistant to the regional manager, for whatever unimaginable reason.

If you really wanted to buy it, I wish it would have lasted longer...

That's what she said.

This House Has a Commode That's an Ode to Dwight Schrute

This lovely home in Howell, Michigan is beautiful. It's tastefully decorated in a lovely color scheme, there's extensive hardwood flooring, a newly remodeled kitchen, and - wait for it - a bathroom that pays homage to Dwight Schrute.

You're going to like what you see. That's what she said.

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