You think Salem, Massachusetts was the only place in America where there were witch trials? GUESS AGAIN. There were some right here in Michigan.

On Mackinac Island, there is an area on the southern tip that is said to be either bewitched or haunted: The Drowning Pool.

This little inlet may be small, but it has a 20-foot-deep drop. It was here where women who were suspected of being witches were tortured. They would be placed in a seat at the end of a sturdy pole and dunked into the water, in a type of 'see-saw" manner. The ignorant idiots who performed these tortures were relentless.....they would not quit until the woman in the seat admitted to being a witch. If she would simply not admit to it, she would be held under water even longer. Sadly, a lot of women drowned rather than give in and say they were witches. The ones who couldn't endure this torture would crack and say they practiced witchcraft, in order to get them to stop. Stop, they did, but then the women were hung anyway.

The see-saw dunking wasn't the only torture at the Drowning Pool...other suspects had their feet bound with heavy rocks and then were thrown into the pool. If they floated, they were witches and were hung. If they were innocent, they sank to the bottom and drowned anyway.

Ever since, this pool and the area surrounding it are haunted by the innocent women who perished at the hands of ignorant, pious townspeople.  Dark shapes & apparitions have been seen lurking in the 20-foot depths and even coming out of the water, leaving no wake or ripple.

Known as one of the most dangerous and haunted spots on the island, the location of the old Drowning Pool is shown in the pictures below.

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