The "Lansing City Market" has been open for decades but now it will be closing for good, or maybe not, there's still a lot to go over. Anyway Lansing City officials are talking about the cost of keeping the City Market open and it seems that it might be too much. According to WLNS, in order to keep the "Lansing City Market" open, the city needs to pay an $80,000 subsidy, but the Lansing City Council wants to get rid of the subsidy and just close the Market down. This may be due to the market having lower sales than usual and other people who live by being alright with the shut down.

However, Mayor Schor has cut the subsidy in half so the Lansing City Market will be open till at least the end of the summer. You can see more on the Market shut down and how it is affecting people and businesses near by here.

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