(Video: Shawn Mendes via YouTube)

We're already giving you a chance to see him live in Australia.

But, if you download the free 97.5 NOW FM APP, you could have a chance to see him next week and get backstage to meet him IN GRAND RAPIDS.

MAKE SURE you've downloaded our app and enabled the notifications. There's going to be an app alert today (Monday, June 17th) around 12 noon. When you get it, follow the link and the instructions for your exclusive chance to win tix and meet and greet passes.

Remember the app goes out today. You respond to the app alert today. We could call you tomorrow. And you could be on your way to see Shawn BACKSTAGE and in concert next Monday in Grand Rapids.

Pretty simple. So now all you have to do is decide who you're going to take with you and if you dare ask him to sign a pair of Calvin Klein undies? Or ask him for his...autograph. Not undies. That would be weird. But hey, you gotta shoot your shot when you can right?

Good luck.

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