This Southwest Michigan couple didn't let Covid-19 stand in the way of getting married.

The groom didn't want to marry his bride in an empty church.  So he came up with this solution according to CBS 42,

After Amy Simonson and Dan Stuglik’s wedding plans were disrupted amid the outbreak, a packaging company donated more than 100 cardboard cutouts to pose as stand-ins for the family and friends who couldn’t attend the wedding this Saturday because of Michigan’s stay-at-home order.  Menasha Packaging Co. in Coloma made cutouts to resemble guests tall and short, young and old, with long hair, short hair and ponytails.

Dan knew it was hard for his bride to not have family present for their big day.  But he also knew they had to be responsible and not put anyone at risk.  So, he got creative.  You can see the 150 pretend wedding guests in the video below.


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