Every Christmas people constantly are looking for gifts for friends and family and eventually settle on a gift card. Giving a gift card is good and all but make sure you don't just forget about that gift card and use it or you could be out of luck.

According to consumers experts, there are few things to remember when buying or getting a gift card. First is that to make sure the gift card is for a place that is going to stay open, cause if you get a gift card and the business closes you're out of luck. In addition, the gift cards are vaild for up to 5 years here in Michigan. Also if you are buying a gift card for someone, the best ones to buy are for big chain businesses that way if the chain business by you closes you can still use it at one of their other locations around the country.

One option instead of gift cards is to give cash, yes it sounds lame, but everyone loves cash. Plus even gift cards issued from credit card companies can come with hidden activation fees or monthly fees, reducing their value. Also when you give a gift card save the receipt.