So with all of the things that we're wary of these days, let me see...

People not wearing masks or wearing them incorrectly.

People invading your personal space, which these days could be six to ten to maybe thirty feet depending on what your circle of personal space is. Hey it's your space, you can do what you want.

People that you witness STILL walking out of public facilities who don't wash their hands long enough, or worse yet not at all (yes, I have witnessed both multiple times)...ugh.

Let's see, what else are we wary of these days? Oh yes, just about everything else!

Okay, well it may not be that bad but you must agree that COVID-19 has certainly changed the game of everyday life.

But what is the one thing that we almost always count on, almost always without question? Hand sanitizer! We all use it all the time constantly and never give it a thought. I mean, who doesn't trust hand sanitizer? It's all perfectly fine, right?

Well according to News 10 all hand sanitizers are not alike, and some shouldn't be used at all. The brand we're talking about is the Vlanc+Piür brand hand sanitizer. Even the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) issued a Stop Use and Stop Removal Order for the hand sanitizer. What that means is that the hand sanitizer CAN'T be sold or used, period. To be exact it's "Vlanc+Piür Hand Sanitizer, Formulated with 70% of Alcohol with Aloe Vera & Glycerin".

If you happen to see this product anywhere, don't buy it. If you have any of this product on hand, stop using it and get more information about the situation here from News 10.

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