Former president Donald Trump made some interesting allies during his tenure in the White House, one being outspoken singer Kid Rock.

Speaking to Fox News, the 51-year-old Cocky singer revealed he and the one-term president are still good friends today and even occasionally play a few rounds together on the golf course.

"He just knows how to have fun," Kid Rock, real name Robert James Ritchie, told Tucker Carlson about his relationship with Trump on the golf course. "Doesn't take it too seriously. He's engaging. He's just cutting it up, open with politics."

The Joe Dirt actor shared he was often surprised Trump would talk to him about politics considering he makes "dirty records sometimes."

Kid Rock dished that Trump once ran a statement about the Islamic State Caliphate by him before tweeting it out.

The singer also claimed Trump previously asked for his advice on how to deal with escalating tensions between the U.S. and North Korea: "'What do you think we should do about North Korea,' and I'm like 'What? I don't think I'm qualified to answer this!'"

Oliver Contreras, Getty Images)
Oliver Contreras, Getty Images)

Kid Rock revealed he met Trump when Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska, invited him to the White House for dinner as Trump wanted "interesting" guests around the table.

Trump and Kid Rock immediately hit it off and became "buddies," the singer claimed, which led to them hitting the green.

"It's really weird to get phone calls from him and stuff. It's kind of mind blowing," the "All Summer Long" singer expressed, adding that Trump was "so much fun" to play golf with.

According to Kid Rock, the two still play golf together in Florida and Trump "seems great," even after losing the 2020 election.

"You know, after the election it was a little different there but he's still the same guy," Kid Rock said. "He sits down, he just cuts it up. Just starts cutting it up. It's just how sharp he is, it's incredible."

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