Our furry friends are like children to most of us. You only want the best for them, and want to ensure they are getting the best food and care available.

That being said, there is a new recall in effect for dog treats that have been sold here in Michigan. Could your dog treats be effected?

These Dog Treats Are Being Recalled in Michigan


The product was sold between February to May of 2024.

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The dog treats are being recalled due to potential foreign metal objects that could be found inside of the dog treats.

The following dog treats are currently facing recall, according to the FDA:


  • Green Tripe, Barkworthies Brand 7oz Bag
    • UPC: 816807015686
    • Item #: 2015686
    • Lot Codes: WO151768, WO152373
    • Best-By Dates: Feb–Mar 2026
  • Green Tripe, Best Bully Sticks Brand 2 lb Bag
    • UPC: 816807016027
    • Item #: 1016027
    • Lot Codes: WO152669, WO153321, WO152107
    • Best-By Dates: Mar–Aug 2026
  • Green Tripe, Best Bully Sticks Brand 5 lb Bag
    • UPC: 816807016010
    • Item #: 1016010
    • Lot Codes: WO151401, WO152319, WO153179
    • Best-By Dates: Jan–Apr 2026

If you have purchased any of these products during the specified timeframe, it is recommended that you discontinue use immediately and return them to the place of purchase for a full refund or exchange. Consumers are advised to check their inventory against the provided information to ensure the safety of their pets.

For further information, consumers can contact TDBBS LLC directly at 877-483-5853 or visit the company's website for updates on the recall. Taking prompt action in response to such recalls ensures the well-being of our beloved pets, who depend on us for their safety and care.

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