Mukelisiwe Goba (Rafiki) 1 ©Disney. Photo by Matthew Murphy
Photo: McConnell Adams TSM

Disney's The Lion King opens TONIGHT (July 11 - 29) at the Wharton Center! Cast members Mukelisiwe Goba (Rafiki) and Tony Freeman (Timon, Pumbaa, Scar, & Zazu) stopped by to talk all things Disney's The Lion King! Get your tickets NOW! Some are still available. Sensory friendly performances also available. 1-800 WHARTON or online at Take a listen to the two part interview below! Can't wait to see this show! And if you've never seen a Broadway show or Disney's The Lion King live, this is one of those "bucketlist" things you should do. From the opening number, you will be blown away! Trust me on this one!

Lion King_975 Now FM Interview Part 1



Lion King_975 Now FM Interview Part 2



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