I am a fan of golf. I've been playing golf since I was 14, I am getting better each year but it's still a frustrating game for me. I am good on the green when I finally get there but my tee shots and irons could use some work. For me, it's about progress not perfection.

Each round I play, I hit a shot or two that "keeps me coming back" to play the game. I prefer golfing alone or with my wife over scrambles. If I am in a scramble I can help on the green.

What is disc golf / frisbee golf? According to Merriam-Webster the definition of disc golf is:

a game in which players attempt to toss a plastic disc into each of a succession of basketlike receptacles stationed along a course with the object being to reach each target in as few attempts as possible


I wasn't familiar with disc golf until I moved to Lansing. The first TV spot I ever did when I got into radio was with a guy named Shaun Broyls, he was the local sports anchor at ABC53, this was back in 1997'ish. It was to promote a disc golf course in Lansing. That was my intro to disc golf. Although I haven't actually played a full round of disc golf, I have attempted to land my disc in the "basketlike receptacle".

I have a lot of friends that play the game, it's high time I join them. Google rules for helping me find some great courses.

Disc Golf Courses In Mid Michigan

Burchfield Disc Golf Course - Burchfield Park - Holt

Dan Frey said this on Google:

Fantastic park-style course with multiple layouts to provide fun for all skill levels!

Ruthroff's Ridge Disc Golf Course - Lansing

PureMichigan 517 loves this course:

Really nice course if you want to get a quick round in. 9 holes and they are short but the narrow fairways and trees provide a good challenge. Bring some extra mid range discs and be prepared to lose one or two because the woods get thick if you don't stay on the fairways. Nice regulation baskets. Hole 8 is a super short downhill shot, ace potential for sure. Bring the kids, theres a big jungle gym and also a full sized basketball court that's in great condition.

Ingham Park - Lansing

Karen Allen brings her dog:

Very Quiet area park, has Frisbie Golf, rarely ever busy, nice area to play catch with your Dog.

Grand Woods Park - Waverly

Jamie Ziegler II says:

My homeboy and me and my girlfriend had a great day of golf that was fantastic. It's a course that will make you find a throw ,you didn't know you could. I'm super happy to drive the hour. I recommend putting on your wish list

Lincoln Park Disc Golf - Charlotte

Sara Lyons is honest:

Nice course. Don't care for the add ins but like the course.

Pine Hills Golf Course - Laingsburg

Ange Wright likes it:

They have two 18 hole Disc Golf courses, and rent golf carts.

St. John's Park - St. Johns

There were no reviews for this course, try it out and be the first to leave a review.

Ella Sharp Park - Jackson

Reece Thelen had a good time once he figured it out:

Fun disc golf course. The first few holes are a bit confusing to figure out. It is a little muddy in some areas right now.

Chilson Woods Disc Golf Course - Howell

Javin Grisham powered through:

Very rough rough but well put together and very pretty. With a beach next to it so you can swim after.

Hudson Mills Disc Golf Course - Dexter

Matthew Lenko enjoyed the course:

The disc golf courses at Hudson Mills Metropark are top tier. They are well maintained, the rough can be fairly rough, provide a good mixture of shots, and will keep you on your toes! Each course has long and short tee pads to provide variety and a challenge for all skill levels. The Original course is my favorite!

Have fun at the course!

27 Michigan Golf Courses With a 4.7 or Higher Google Rating

The people have spoken (well, rated them on google), and here are 27 golf courses in Michigan that have a 4.7 or higher rating on Google.

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