Born in Lansing, Michigan at the Potter Park Zoo back in 2011, meet Ameliya, the newest tiger at the Detroit Zoo in Royal Oak.

Ameliya was brought to the Detroit Zoo after spending the first decade of her life at Lansing's Potter Park Zoo.

This is first time that most of us have heard about Ameliya because for the past year, she's been in quarantine. Apparently, this is a normal process for zoos all over the country. After acquiring a new animal, they keep them isolated so they can get acclimated to the their new surroundings.

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Betsie Meister, Associate Curator of Mammals at the Detroit Zoo told MLive:

Every animal that comes to the Zoo goes through a period of quarantine. We want to make sure they’re healthy and they’re happy and that they don’t pose any risk to our resident animals. Every zoo in the country does this anytime you transfer an animal from one place to another.

Last week she ventured out and explored her habitat on her own and enjoyed a day playing in the snow.

Just look at this beautiful creature.

Patti Truesdell/Detroit Zoo Facebook
Patti Truesdell/Detroit Zoo Facebook

According to MLive, Ameliya finally made her public debut recently after living behind the scenes at the Zoo’s hospital building and at another part of the tiger habitat where she could go outside.

The main goal in acquiring Ameliya was to hopefully breed her with another tiger that's also at the Detroit Zoo.

Did you know the Detroit Zoo was open year round? Honestly, I had no idea. I thought they were closed during the winter months aside from special events. Apparently, I was wrong. However, I have zero interest going in the winter. For some reason, the Detroit Zoo feels like a summertime thing to me.

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