Always happy to see it when Detroit is trending on Facebook or Twitter. This will make you laugh too. About a month plus or so ago, the Detroit Zoo had some of their resident Warthogs give birth to little Warthog piglets. The staff at the Detroit Zoo decided that they'll name them after some Game of Thrones characters. I mean, why not right? Capitalize on pop culture and when something is popular, right? Makes good business sense to me. Check out the full story on the staff at the Zoo and the piglets getting their names, here. They named the ladies, Daenerys, Sansa and Cersei and the dudes, Tyrion and Hodor.

Those are some pretty serious names to learn how to pronounce and to remember. I think that people will go just to see the Game of Thrones piglets. Just saying that out loud is adorable as hell, right? The total Warthog count for the Detroit Zoo is now at 12. That's a lot of Warthogs. The smallest one won't be joining the rest of the bunch until he a little bit healthier, but that should be in no time. I love the Detroit Zoo and hope to make a trip there this summer. I went so often as a kid, but now I haven't been in years. Return trip is a must!