Lansing will soon have a new wing joint to enjoy because it's finally happening. They are finally opening their doors.

The Detroit Wing Co.

Detroit Wing Co is Coming to Lansing

Back in November, the Detroit Wing Co. announced on its Facebook that they planned on opening a location on the south side of Lansing. This would be the first location for the Lansing and mid-Michigan area. However, there was no word on exactly when they would be opening, just a general "coming soon".

Now, we know that it will indeed be soon.

Detroit Wing Co Opening Soon in Lansing

Thanks to the abundantly delicious and helpful Lansing Foodies group, someone posted that they had noticed that all the giant stickers covering the windows had come down. They posted into the Foodies group wondering what was up...were plans for the location canceled? Or were we going to get some new wings to try out?

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Thankfully, some people employed by the soon-to-open wing joint chimed in to let us know that all was well. The stickers had come down because they were finishing up inside and getting ready to open and they would indeed be open soon. One employee was even specific enough to mention that, barring any troubles, they'd be open by July 18th.

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We're pretty excited for a new wing place coming to Lansing, especially one that is so well-loved and has been voted the "Best Wings in Michigan". No joke; Detroit Wing Company has been voted as having the best chicken wings by Buzzfeed, Esquire, MSNBC, and plenty more places.

We wanted to see if all the hype was true, and it seems like it is. The reviews for this restaurant are all pretty great. Here's a review that Jim V of Lansing posted on Yelp:

Picked up an order of boneless Buffalo wings and they were great, also it was happy hour so they were 40% off at that time. Friendly service also made this a great experience, I'll definitely try it again when I'm in the area. Blows BW3 away...

We know, you're just dying for some Detroit Wing Company wings now, but you'll have to wait at least a few more weeks. When it does open its doors, you can find it at 6527 S Cedar St, next to Big John Steak & Onion.

Heads up—Detroit Wing Co. is working on an East Lansing location as well. When they open up the EL location, it'll fill a wing void that was left when Wings Over East Lansing closed. Read more about that HERE.

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