The more and more I hear about Dave Chappelle, the more I wonder, "what is with this dude?" You're talking about a guy who was on top of the world just a few years ago. Then he up and quit his very successful "Chappelle's Show" that aired on comedy central for a few years. He literally disappeared after that, which I have no problem with at all. If you want to go away and flee from stardom, that's totally fine. Which he did, and quite successfully I may add. He went to Africa, refused a bunch of money and all that. Then he returned to do stand up and festivals as a performer, but only to mixed reviews. Then this happened in Detroit just a few days ago.

Chappelle was scheduled to perform at the Fillmore in downtown Detroit at 9:30 and didn't even take the stage until about an hour later according to TMZ and that wasn't even the worst of it. Hardly any jokes were told and he appeared to be drunk and stoned. People were furious, as they should be of course, and demanded their money back. Even Chappelle's own rep said that this wasn't his "best night" on the tour. I get it, as a performer it's incredibly difficult to maintain perfection and be "on" all the time, but when you set yourself up for failure by intoxicating yourself before the show, I can't imagine it'll be too successful. Should people get their money back?