Recently Pizza Hut has tried their hand (and failed miserably) at Detroit-Style pizza which apparently has Michigan pizza purists laughing out loud.

Now there are Detroit-Style Pizza "wars" starting because well-respected establishments in the Detroit-Style biz like Buddy's Pizza are speaking out on how badly Pizza Hut missed the mark. However, no offense to Detroit or Detroit-Style Pizza restaurants but...the pizza itself kind of misses the mark for me.

I understand the tradition and the sanctity of Detroit Pizza but there are just so many things about it that really just do not do it for me.

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For starters, I am a big fan of thin crust. One of the best pizzas I have ever had was from Imo's Pizza in St. Louis and it was a beautiful, cracker-thin crust and it was fantastic. I could eat more than one piece without feeling too full...or just guilty.

Aside from it's thick, airy crust, what also bothers me about Detroit-Style is the fact it's almost built backwards. WHY are the topping on the bottom, underneath the cheese?

Is it because it helps them stay where you want them better? I mean I can understand that. However, what turns me off is when I first had Detroit-Style pizza, I did not order it and I'm not going to complain about free pizza, but it was disappointing when I got geeked over just a plain cheese pizza and bit into it to find it was a meat least favorite.

I just really don't like meat on my pizza and the fact that there could be some lurking in the depths of my slice is atrocious to me. Speaking of slices, why the heck are they squares!? How am I supposed to dip them into a cup of ranch like the true Michigan woman I am?

All in all, I know, I know, I'm a monster. You probably are asking "How dare you call yourself a true Michigander?"

It's simple, I love Michigan-made's just Detroit-Style is just really not for me. This is definitely not to "shame" or hate on any specific pizza establishment either!

I'm sure there's plenty of people in Chicago don't like deep dish (also another one of my favorites) so, really, is pizza THAT important?

I know a lot of people in recent years have made loving pizza more of a personality trait than anything else and I'm here to say that it's okay to be a casual pizza eater.

Plus, while Detroit-Style is not my favorite, Detroit-born pizza is! My #1 favorite pizza is a Little Caesar's Hot-n-Ready...I know I catch a lot of flack for that too, so really don't let my strange pizza opinions ruin your day.

Maybe I just need the right Detroit-Style pizza to come along and change my mind!

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