The Detroit Lions have become the first team in NFL history to lose four straight games after leading by double digits.

Read that sentence again. The first team in NFL history. That mean in the last 100 years, no team has lead by double digits, only to go on an lose the game, four times in a row . . . until now.

I know that's a pretty remedial explanation, but I feel like it needs to be broken down to understand how bad it really is.

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When the Lions brought in Patricia to be the coach, he was supposed to be a defense minded coach. A coach that would teach the Lions a new culture, and help lead a talented team to end the same old Lions trend. Instead we've watched the Lions start off strong, only to break our hearts by losing.

Patricia gave his post game press conference via zoom, and was actually asked about the infamous new record that the Lions set after their loss to the Packers. His answer is about as bad as an answer can be.

Patricia actually tried to spin this into a positive thing.

Well, I mean we’re doing a good job starting fast. I think that’s something that’s happening for our team, and that’s a good thing

He did go on to talk about how the team needed to be more consistent, and not get caught up in the changing momentum of the games.

I want to believe in the Lions every year, and especially this year with everything being so different. If felt like Detroit could use the changes to their advantage with no major negative changes on the offensive side of the ball. It turns out that the offense can still score, in the first half.

In case you're wondering the four games were losses to the Broncos, Bears, and Packers twice.

I guess the only question now is if Patricia finishes the season as the Lions head coach, or they tell him to hit the pavement.


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