UPDATE: Ann Marie Thomas, the EMT who refused to aid a dying baby, has been fired.

An investigation has just wrapped up in the case of EMT Ann Marie Thomas, a veteran medic, who was sent to a scene of an eight-month old not breathing and then refused to help save the child. According to MLive, despite this horrible act, Thomas was suspended, not fired. And Thomas' reason for not responding to the scene? She said she wasn't "about to be on no scene 10 minutes doing CPR, you know how these families get."

During the 6 minutes that it took Thomas to get there (even though she was only two minutes away on a previous call) and through the whole time she was waiting in her emergency vehicle around the corner, the mother of the child was performing CPR. The baby was eventually taken to the hospital and revived, but unfortunately didn't make it and passed away the next day. In this report from Detroit's Local 4 News, you can hear the dispatcher and Thomas speaking to one another and how insistent the dispatcher becomes through the whole ordeal.

This is one of the most despicable things I have ever encountered in my life. A person refusing to do, what is not only their job but a basic human duty, and not help save a child's life? I am so disgusted with this woman and I cannot believe she's only been suspended. Even if she thought the baby was going to die despite her performing CPR, is a human life really not worth 10 minutes of your time? According to Thomas, apparently not. What's your take on this situation? Do you think suspension is enough? Or should she be fired?