If you see a discolored corn flake clinging to your wall or ceiling, look again...it's a stinkbug. Check out the above photo gallery to see these little buggers...

These creepy little S.O.B.'s are popping up already...I've seen 'em in different shops, stores, businesses and homes.....have you? I've caught 'em crawling on my computer screen, over my bed, etc.....but I thought warm weather brought these guys out?

They get in through cracks, holes, air conditioners, windows, etc. Michigan has always had stinkbugs - I remember seein' 'em ever since I was a kid - but this particular breed is called the "Brown Marmorated Stink Bug" that got here seven years ago from Asia.

Wanna know more about 'em and how to get rid of 'em?
CLICK HERE for all the information (one way is to have a bowl of soapy water underneath a bright light; the light will attract the bugs and their clumsiness will make them fall into the water and drown.)

Why are these tiny terrors called STINK bugs? Cuz when you squish 'em, the smell is not pleasant....it sure ain't roses.

They're like rabbits...they breed like crazy and they can - and do - destroy crops and plants...but for the most part aren't harmful. Michigan State University's site has a wealth of more information on these pests and you can read all about it by CLICKING HERE.

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