It's the end of an era! Demi Lovato is signaling a potential return to their rock roots by holding an in-studio moratorium to their "pop" sound.

On Thursday (Jan. 20), the 29-year-old shared a snap of seven friends — including mega-producer Scooter Braun — dressed in black while the "Confident" singer flashed the middle finger.

"A funeral for my pop music," Lovato captioned the pic via Instagram. On their Instagram Story, Lovato also shared clips of the crew giggling and working behind the scenes.

So if Demi Lovato's leaving pop behind, what will their next era sound look? We've got a hunch they're heading toward rock.

The "Sorry Not Sorry" singer shared a video of producer Oakestra working on a track.

Over an edgy rock beat, you can hear Lovato sing, "Yeah you're pushing me to the edge / Prod me, lie to me, ungodly things have been sent / Here are your tickets to the freak show baby, sci-fi, watch the freak go crazy."

The Grammy nominees' famous pals and followers showered them with excitement over the different sound and possible return to their rock roots. (Well, pop-rock, anyway.)

"I f----ng LOVE your rock sh--," singer JoJo wrote, while We the Kings crooner Travis Clark commented: "Time to join the pop punk crew."

Lovato hasn't necessarily revealed which direction they might take with their new sound, but all signs are pointing to a sound that will match their edgy new style and vibe.

In December, the Disney Channel alum debuted a chic buzzcut look, to which they later addd a giant spider tattoo and an industrial ear piercing. The singer also rocked a stylish mullet for the better part of 2021.

Lovato's last album, Dancing With the Devil, was released in April 2021 and found success on the pop charts. Although the record was a bit edgier, they still had guest appearances from pop giants such as Ariana Grande and Noah Cyrus.

It was the New Mexico native's first album in four years following their near-fatal drug overdose in 2018. They also recently hosted a TV show on streaming service Peacock about searching for aliens — so maybe E.T. will make a cameo on the new album!

It's Demi's world and we're just living in it — and, hopefully soon, rocking out, too.

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