With the warmer weather finally here in Michigan, and those colder temperatures finally gone, we are running into mosquitoes again here in the state of Michigan.

Unfortunately for us humans, mosquitos are known carriers of many different diseases and sicknesses. Thus far, we have a few confirmed cases of things you should be aware of in Michigan.

Watch Out For Deadly Virus in Michigan

There have been two recent discoveries of viruses that mosquitos can transfer here in the state of Michigan.

 Jamestown Canyon virus (JCV) has emerged as a concern in Michigan, adding to the array of mosquito-borne diseases affecting the region. JCV is a relatively rare but potentially serious virus transmitted to humans primarily through mosquito bites. The virus belongs to the California serogroup of orthobunyaviruses and typically circulates between deer and mosquitoes, with humans occasionally becoming infected.
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Deadly Diseases From Mosquitos, Confirmed in Michigan

This summer, Michigan has reported confirmed cases of West Nile Virus in mosquitoes, raising concerns about public health and safety. West Nile Virus, transmitted primarily by mosquitoes, can cause serious illness in humans, ranging from mild flu-like symptoms to severe neurological diseases such as encephalitis or meningitis.

The presence of infected mosquitoes underscores the importance of vigilant mosquito control measures and public awareness campaigns to minimize the risk of transmission.

There are a lot of ways to prevent mosquitos from being too close to you, some of which include sprays, patches and other home remedies. If you start to see any symptoms of either viruses, you should seek medical attention immediately.

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