It's getting to that time of the year, where you can't go anywhere without seeing something flying in the air around you. It's Michigan, and it's nearly summer. What did we really expect?

I have to be honest, I'm not a big bug fan. Anything that can fly, create webs and things that latch onto your skin. That's a no for me.

Watch Out For This Dangerous Bug In Michigan

Ticks are rumored to be awful this year because of the warmer winter we had. To be honest, I'll see about two a year, however, I've already hit my two for this year... that's a bit concerning.

You'll never believe where I found this tick either!

Wood tick
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It was the afternoon at the radio stations, and that is typically when we get our Amazon deliveries. Like one would do, I checked to see if it was for me (sadly not), and decided to be nice and take it down to my co-workers office.

While getting ready to head downstairs with the package, I looked down at my hand and saw a tick on it.

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A freaking tick!

Canva Pro
Canva Pro

To make matters worse, it was literally crawling up my arm while I was typing this out. Excuse me while I go grab a lighter and some Clorox spray and set fire to this building.

I feel bad for the Amazon driver who is driving the truck!

This goes as a warning to you and your family before you pick up that package. Verify that there are no ticks on it before brining it in.

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