Currently, the richest city in Michigan is located just south of Pontiac.

To make this simple, the criteria to find Michigan's richest city is simple, the highest median household income. According to, the average median household income in the entire state of Michigan is $59,584.

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The richest city in Michigan actually has a median household income of nearly three times the state average. So which city is it? Well, the title for the richest city in Michigan goes to Bloomfield Hills with a median household income of $178,894.

It doesn't end there either. The average price of a house in Bloomfield Hills is around two times higher than the state average. The median house price is $599,000. For the most part, residents of Bloomfield Hills work in real estate, finance, insurance, and other such jobs. It's a beautiful area. Check out this drone footage of Wing Lake in Bloomfield Hills.

Located in Oakland County, Bloomfield Hills is about 20 miles northwest of Detroit. According to the 2020 census, Bloomfield Hills had a population of 4,460 people. Some fun facts about include:

  • The city was the setting of The Upside of Anger, a film starring Kevin Costner and Joan Allen.
  • The Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney movie Out of Sight filmed scenes in Bloomfield Hills.
  • Jimmy Hoffa was last seen at a restaurant in Bloomfield Township
  • Robin Williams and his family moved to Bloomfield Hills when he was 12 and the lived on 20 acres in a 40-room farmhouse.

To see the other cities in the top ten richest cities in Michigan category, click here. The second and third place spots go to Grosse Pointe Shores and Grosse Pointe Farms, respectively.

Source: Mostexpensively

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