Just over the southern Jackson County border and just into Hillsdale County, lies Crystal Lake. As travelers drove down South Jackson Road, they were greeted by a sign along the west side of the road that declared “Crystal Lake”. For years, many connected this with the ‘Crystal Lake’ that gained notoriety in the “Friday The 13th” films. Is this THE Crystal Lake from the movies?

Well, anything is possible, even though there are several “Crystal Lakes” in the country. The old sign that used to be along the road sure reminded me of the one in the movie…and yeah, I kinda wondered about that.

So did the movie take place in Michigan or not?
It was definitely not filmed in Michigan. In fact, here’s a rundown of where each “Friday The 13th” movie was shot:

FRIDAY THE 13TH (Part 1)
Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco in Hardwick, New Jersey.

FRIDAY THE 13TH (Part 2)
Camp Kenmont, Kent, Connecticut

FRIDAY THE 13TH (Part 3)
Veluzat Motion Picture Ranch in Santa Clarita, California

FRIDAY THE 13TH (Part 4: The Final Chapter)
Veluzat Ranch Topanga, California

FRIDAY THE 13TH (Part 5: A New Beginning)
Santa Monica Mountains, California Camarillo, California

FRIDAY THE 13TH (Part 6: Jason Lives)
Camp Daniel Morgan, Covington, Georgia

FRIDAY THE 13TH (Part 7: The New Blood)
Byrnes Lake, Baldwin County, Alabama

FRIDAY THE 13TH (Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan)
Vancouver, Canada

FRIDAY THE 13TH (Part 9: Jason Goes To Hell)
Los Angeles

FRIDAY THE 13TH (Part 10: Jason X)
Toronto, Canada

FRIDAY THE 13TH (Part 11: Freddy Vs. Jason)
Buntzen Lake, Vancouver, Canada

FRIDAY THE 13TH (Part 12: The Remake)
Austin, Texas Bastrop, Texas Camp Fern, Marshall, Texas

No Michigan locations?
But that still doesn’t answer the question:
What state was Camp Crystal Lake supposed to be in?

Since the first film was shot in New Jersey, most feel the story takes place in that state…..
But we know different…don’t we?

By the way, Jason Voorhees is chained and buried underwater in a small Minnesota lake.
Wanna see for yourself?
Pictures are in the gallery below…

Jason Voorhees Buried Underwater


Ed Gein

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