You’ve heard about this ever since you were a kid…
Many of you have already visited…
Many of you haven’t…
And then, there are many Michiganders who have never even heard of it before.

So now it’s about time you and the family visited Crossroads Village & the Huckleberry Railroad, 6140 Bray Road near Flint.

It’s a little village of restored Michigan shops and buildings from the 1800’s. Not only that, but for the kids there’s the train ride and some amusement rides.

Once in the village, you can opt to see how apple cider is made, butter churning, and iron smithing among other historic activities.

The Huckleberry Railroad tracks encompass part of the old Pere Marquette Railroad, torn up many years ago. The train ride takes 40 minutes, and/or you can take a 45-minute ride on board the “Genesee Belle” paddle wheel riverboat.

These amusements have been around for years and they’re still going while other amusement parks in Michigan have gone kaput. Show your support for this and other Michigan roadside attractions by visiting and passing along the word!


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