Editor's Note: Image is representative, not of the actual event.

Whether it's a trick of nature or something supernatural, crop circles amaze wherever and whenever they appear. That was the case in the southeast Michigan community of Monroe. The sighting of a crop circle was shared on the Michigan UFO Sightings and Paranormal Encounters Podcast Facebook Group.

The OP stated they were driving on M-50 between Moroe and Dundee near US 23 when a newly formed crop circle caught thier eye.

Because they were driving they were unable to snap a photo.

Many on the group were keen to see the circle for themselves. Others were more skeptical and chalked the formation up to a natural occurrence in a fallow farmer's field.

We had weird formations last year in the corn last year right by our house.
We realized that probably was weather. Honestly the locals think little of it.

When the wind and rain come in it does weird things. Especially when there's so much flat land to kick up the winds. We had like ehhhhhh 4 formations. And right away I'm thinking that its weird.

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There certainly can be natural causes for circles on the ground.

Check out this video from 2020 from Tacoma, Washington. In this case, a blown fuse a park's sprinkler system caused brown grass mistaken for mysterious circles.

Crop circles are certainly one of the most enduring mysteries of all time. But hardly the only one, Check out these puzzles which remain unsolved:

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