Detroit has been popping up as a potential new "hotspot" for Covid-19. It is joining a list that includes New Orleans & surprisingly a fair amount of rural areas.

Governor Whitmer has put the order to Stay Home, Stay Safe in place. And The Motor City (when doing just that) looks just like the video above. That video, while showing the empty streets of Detroit amid this crisis, also speaks a message of hope and how we will all get through this. the good.

And finally, the ugly. And I want to say this. Before someone wants to make this racial. Or political. Stop. The folks featured in this video and their attitudes shown here...this is happening in New York and all around the country. There are people of every color, age and more who refuse to believe what is going on is serious. They want to keep on living the way they want to live. They will not heed the warnings. And they not only endanger themselves, but their loved ones, and are helping to spread the virus and prolonging this pandemic. It is sad, it is selfish. And I'm sharing it as an example of WHAT NOT to do. Sadly, the next step is going to be increased measures from authorities that will include fines, curfews, jail time and maybe more. Because some folks just don't seem to get it. Don't get angry. Even though I know it is maddening. I ask that you pray for them. And this world. We all need it.

The defiant gathering comes as Detroit is getting hammered with coronavirus infections and deaths. Though it has just 6.7% of the state’s population, Detroit has a quarter of its confirmed infections and deaths. (Metro Times)

***VIDEO: Language and Subject Matter Warning***

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Stay Safe Detroit

Video & Source Credit: Click On Detroit | Local 4 | WDIV

The video is from Doner Advertising, based in Southfield, Mich. CEO David Demuth’s 25-year-old son had the idea to create it to help uplift and bring the city together. They did it in 48 hours simply for everyone to share and be reminded of the city’s grit to overcome and the importance of staying home right now.

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