Michigan towns and cities have both grown and shrunk since Michigan officially became a state back in 1837.

Currently, Michigan has 83 counties across the state, from the very bottom, all the way to the top of Michigan Upper Peninsula.

These Michigan Counties No Longer Exist

While Michigan currently has 83 counties, we've seen nearly 30 of them go extinct since Michigan got its start.

Michigan Welcome Sign - summer time.
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Take a look at some of the counties that no longer exist here in Michigan.

Wow! These 30 Michigan Counties No Longer Exist

Michigan has grown from the time of its start. There are 30 counties here in the state that no longer exist. See which they are, here.

While, most of the counties that made the list were later absorbed to counties that exist today, it is still crazy to see that 30 counties no longer exist here in the state of Michigan.

The 20 Healthiest Counties In Michigan

Now onto the counties that actually still exist here in the state of Michigan. Do you know what the healthiest counties are here in the state of Michigan?

Take a look below at the 20 healthiest here.

Michigan's 20 Healthiest Counties In 2023

Ranked in order, these are Michigan's 20 healthiest counties.

The 83 Michigan Counties Ranked On The Amount Of Snow Per Year

Take a look at which Michigan counties get the most and least amount of snow, according to data collected over the years.


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