There are going to be some changes to restaurants and bars especially in cleanliness and social distance. There is one suggestion that might have gone under the radar and that is adding more outdoor seating. The addition outdoor seating can not only help with social distance but it will let more fresh air between everyone.

The outdoor seating issue is something that East Lansing is thinking about adding to their downtown, according to WILX. The public seating area will allow customers to have somewhere to wait if they are picking up a take out order, as waiting in the restaurant would probably not be allowed. Along with this area for takeout customer it will also hopefully increase business for downtown restaurants.

The idea seems like it can work especially in downtown East Lansing because there are a lot of restaurants on Grand River and Albert ave between Abbott and Bailey. If I had to put this public seating area I would try to put it somewhere near on or near M.A.C ave. M.A.C ave is in the middle of the all of the restaurants and bars, plus there is outdoor space near the corner of M.A.C and Albert.

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