Every year for as many years as I can remember, my wife has wanted to go to a corn maze around Halloween time. You know you can also be driving down the road or the highway and still see a sign for a corn maze even though it may be the middle of July and the corn maze isn't open but it does serve as a reminder to people like my wife who would say, "We ought to go to a corn maze this year".

To which I reply, "Okay..." but to date, we've never gone to a corn maze to actually experience it. Now it's not like I don't want to go, it's just that I'm pretty sure I would be absolutely NO help in getting out of the thing. Between the two of us, I am the directionally (is that a word?) challenged one in my relationship with my wife. She has always been able to read a road atlas or any map on paper like nobody's business.

Not me. I still think that turn by turn directions on my smart phone is a gift from above. There are some people I know though who will argue the validity of turn by turn directions. Not me. Show me the line where I'm supposed to drive and tell me where I need to go.

So back to the corn maze thing? Me? I'm gonna be no help. See?

According to News 10, it looks like due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone's corn maze fun is going to be a little different as area businesses will be observing the rules that will help keep everyone safe this year.

Get more info here from News 10 about how the pandemic is altering the corn maze experience.

And if you happen to be going through a corn maze and see a grown man sitting there weeping because he got separated from his wife and then lost, don't pay any attention to him. It's probably just a directionally challenged radio DJ who broke down in a moment of frustration. He'll be okay...

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