Here are three little Michigan villages that would make any roadtrip a lotta fun. The small towns of Conklin, Big Springs, and Wright are just a few miles apart from each other, each with old structures that make great photo ops.

Conklin is in Chester Township, Big Springs on the border of Chester & Wright, and Wright in Wright Township, all in Ottawa County.

Out of the three, Big Springs is the one considered to be a ghost town, as it doesn't show up on maps anymore. The Big Springs schoolhouse is the only evidence there was once a little burg there, on the corner of Wilson St and 24th Avenue, halfway between Conklin and Wright.

Chester Township's original settlers all lived in the area known as Big Springs, thanks to all the Artesian wells at nearby Sand Creek. Once upon a time, that lonely little intersection had a general store, post office and schoolhouse. Both the store and post office are gone. Big Springs also had the first cemetery in the township.

In 1886, the general store packed up and went to Conklin. The post office, which opened in 1850, closed its doors for good in 1891, but the school remained in session until 1968.

The town of Wright had a post office from 1848 - 1864, closing down for 13 years. It re-opened in 1877 and hung in there until 1903.

Take a roadtrip, pay a visit to these three small towns some afternoon, and discover more of Michigan's hidden history!

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