Here are a few photos from Common Ground 2017! Despite Thursday being particularly hot, sunny, and downright sweaty, it was a great time. AJR had a ton of energy that kept the crowd moving despite the temps, James Arthur had a huge crowd and cracked a ton of jokes in between crooners, and Alessia Cara was an absolute delight in a thousand different ways. My favorite part of Alessia Cara's set was when she shared the stage with a tiny human named Lauren. Lauren, likely no older than six, fearlessly belted the words to "How Far I'll Go" from Disney's Moana, in a way that made the entire crowd melt. The cameras on the stage's screens cut to group after group of strangers and friends alike, all unabashedly singing along with our brand new friends Lauren and Alessia. It was absolutely magical and I can't wait to see what Common Ground 2018 has in store for Lansing!

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