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So the crew from City Life Lansing showed up on Monday morning. They said they just wanted to say hi, bring us some goodies, tell us they loved us, encouraged us to spread the love, and talked about their "Love The City" movement. They even had a party going on this weekend for families.

Now usually, when folks waltz into the station unannounced and without a meeting or right off the street wanting to talk to the dj, security goes into action and we go on high alert.

But I have been to City Life Lansing Church. I have met and talked to their dynamic leader Pastor Jerome (dude is amazing, outside of the box, and radical in his love of the Lord). And he's got a bunch of young people going around spreading love and love for the city. So, I was moved seeing them in action. And I had to invite them in and put them on for a minute. Because we have to support and encourage our kids and youth when they are doing positive stuff. We always talk about the negative things they do and the after effects. Let's embrace them when they are trying to do right.

(Video: City Life Lansing via YouTube)

So, big shout out to my man Devinn LoVette for stepping up and telling us all about their mission. Dude is going to do big things and he represented City Life Lansing Church most excellently. BTW, if you're looking for a church home, City Life Lansing is worth a visit. Radical, youthful, full of energy, a real zest and zeal for the Lord. Non-denominational. Everyone is welcome. Race, creed, color, religion, orientation. It doesn't matter. Come one come all. 

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Details about their Love The City Party are below. Check them out and please make plans to attend.

Love The City

You Belong Here | Sunday @ 10 & 11:30
FREE Party after 11:30 service
Harry Hill 5825 Wise Rd.

FREE Kids Haircuts, Food, Laser Tag, Family Photos, Inflatables

Credit: McConnell Adams TSM Lansing