This is a warning that usually comes around during the Holidays of Christmas and Halloween cause of all of the chocolate that is all around your house and near your pets.

According to Time, it is the time of the year where more candy is your home and near your pets, which have a tendency to eat whatever is around. Chocolate is dangerous to dogs and cats because it contains theobromine, a diuretic and stimulant; caffeine; fat; and a variety of sugars and sweeteners. Theobromine can't be easily digested in pets like in humans, so it affects them more. It can result in more nervous system stimulation, it may cause them to urinate more and may cause their hearts to race.

To try and stop your pets from eating chocolate or other food they shouldn't, the easiest thing to do is not leave anything out, also clean up treats that are laying around, and just be vigilant when your chocolate or candy is around your pets. If you fear your pet got into something it shouldn’t have, look out for symptoms including hyperactivity, restlessness, excessive drinking and urination, staggering, diarrhea, vomiting and, in extreme cases, seizures.

You can as always dress up your pets or put them in ugly sweaters, but just be careful on the treats and human food fronts cause it could cause a messy holiday for you and your pet.

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