This week, many of us will face a very difficult decision. Real tree or fake tree. Sometimes, this decision can be influenced by family or friends. Maybe the neighbors has a big and gorgeous fake tree when you were growing up? Maybe you had a cheap tree that barely stood up and you made yourself the promise of real evergreen. Either way it is a personal thing. Neither choice is wrong, but let's discuss the merits of both.

Berlin Prepares For Christmas
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The real tree is a beautiful thing. The smell alone is something special. Unless of course, you don't like that pine smell. Some people even cut their own right out of the woods. The real tree also comes with a little more required care.

Besides the sap, there are the pine needles. There is some constant maintenance with those too. You have to water a real tree and if you don't take care of them, they will be brown before Jesus' birthday.

Real Christmas Trees And Artificial Trees In Shorter Supply This Year
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Fake trees are less maintenance. You take it out of the box and put them back in. These bad boys have come a long way since we were kids. They are put together better and are even color coded to make assembly easier. The look great and you can get them in multiple colors. They are not without their flaws. They can react badly to chemicals and wear and tear gets the better of them.

Again, the tree thing is a personal choice. Most Americans prefer the fake tree, but according to this site, Michigan likes it real. Good luck making this decision. Please join us again next week when we get into Christmas decorations. Modern or traditional?


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